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Every Time Black Widow Referenced James Bond


After a decade or so of asking for it, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have finally got their stand alone Black Widow movie. As the MCU comes roaring back into theaters, Scarlet Johansen finally gets to stand at the head of her own solo outing, and she’s bringing all of the tropes of the Cold War spy thriller with her…

And of course, what’s a spy movie without a few nods to the great granddaddy of them all: James Bond. There are no shortage of nods–overt or otherwise–to the storied spy franchise in Black Widow, and because we all love talking about movies here, we’re going to take a look at them and how they fit into the tradition of spy thrillers as a whole.

So, from David Harbour and Olga Kurylenko making the jump from Quantum of Solace to Black Widow and how Florence Pugh and O. T. Fagbenle fill out a couple of Bond character archetypes, to some shared story beats with classic 007 films, let’s take a look at all of the ways that the newest MCU adventure respects its elders and even subverts them a little. From that weird Nirvana cover to the highest offices in the Red Room, there’s plenty to talk about.

Spoilers ahoy, obviously, but if you want to hang out and talk about spy flicks for a while, this is the spot.


0:00 Intro
0:42 The Prologue & Opening Credits
1:54 Spy on the Run and the Quartermaster
2:36 Other Character Archetypes
4:07 Moonraker is Canon
4:32 David Harbour
4:57 Olga Kurylenko
5:29 Rachael Weisz
5:44 Blofeld in the Red Room
6:37 “The Author of All Your Pain”
7:06 You Caught Me Monologuing
7:42 A Numbers Game

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Written by: Sean Doyle
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Edited by: Martin Baena

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