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Fortnite: 15 Movie Collabs They Absolutely Nailed


With Fortnite still taking the world by storm (downgraded to a tropical depression now, rather than the gale-force hurricane it was a few years ago) and the hotly-anticipated Space Jam reboot about to be released, what better use of our time together than to review the slappingest, coolest, funniest, and all around best executed crossovers and collabs between everyone’s favorite run-and-gun battle royale and other established brands.

Sure, it’s easy to take a cynical view of the whole endeavor: two giant companies working hand-in-hand to dole out cardboard cut-outs of their most beloved characters in order to turn a quick buck off of (mostly) child fans of one series or the other, but let’s not do that. Doing that would be negative, and it’s important to be positive. And if there’s nothing else I’m positive of it’s that playing Fortnite as John Wick, Wade Wilson, or Rey [Redacted] from Star Wars is going to send some folks over the moon. But guess what? Fortnite x Beloved Movie Franchises is a topic rife with more complexity than you might expect. Did you know that Wreck-it Ralph made a cameo in the game? What about all those fancy Ghostbusters skins? Exactly. This list is a chance to delve deeply into some of the most pressing modern issues up to and including ‘what exactly is the flossing dance, anyway? Someone tell me, please, my kids refuse to.


0:00 Intro
0:18 John Wick
0:47 Endgame
1:17 Space Jam
1:41 Dead Pool
2:10 Rise of Skywalker
2:39 Infinity War
3:10 Birds of Prey
3:28 Ghostbusters
3:59 Wreck-it Ralph
4:32 Tron Legacy
5:06 Ant-man
5:28 Aqua-man
5:58 J. Balvin
6:41 Stranger Things
7:09 The Mandalorian

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Written by: Nathan Savoy
Narrated by: Mario Bueno @EMP_Maniac
Edited by: JayDee N

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