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Marvel Mysteries Solved In Black Widow


Since our first introduction to Black Widow she’s always had a mysterious side. Probably due to the assassinating. I mean I might lay low as well if my gig was murderific, but since she added becoming an Avenger to her resume there have been a lot of mysteries surrounding Black Widow’s past & the overall MCU that finally have an answer. Spoilers ahead.

It took until Age of Ultron for us to realize that much of this training came at the hands of her Soviet captors in the Red Room program. However until Black Widow we never had a clear understanding of how Natasha ended up in said brightly coloured room. Natasha’s adopted family seems a lot more fun than the story around her original parents with the additions of Yelena Belova, Red Guardian Alexei Shostakov and Melina Vostokoff. They also introduce us to information around the Red Room and the Soviet super soldier program. Early in the film we were confused as it became clear Natasha was not Dreykov’s daughter until we actually removed the mask on the master of tasks to reveal. Which brings us back to Budapest. Something we had been hearing about as an ongoing MCU mystery between Clint and Natasha. However it does explain why of any Avengers these two always seemed to work so closely. Funny thing about Budapest… apparently a ventilation shaft hidey nest is a great way to get to know someone. The Avengers all broke up and that but by the end of this movie, she had learned that even dysfunctional families are still worth fighting for. Either way now we know how she was able to go find Steve Rogers and help the rest of team Cap break out of the raft. Maybe this isn’t an MCU mystery per se but it did strike us in Infinity War when Natasha’s raven locks were suddenly blonde.


0:00 Intro
0:19 How Black Widow ended up in The Red Room
1:30 Who raised her: The Russian family
2:56 The Mystery Of “Dreykov’s Daughter”
3:54 What Happened In Budapest
5:02 How did Clint And Natasha get So Close?
5:55 Why Natasha Went Back To The Avengers
6:15 How they broke Into The Raft
6:59 Why her hair color changed during Infinity War

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