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MONSTER HUNTS WEEKLY #23 Adds a Hag-Adjacent Monster to Your DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Game — GeekTyrant


Dungeons & Dragons players know that you should try to not mess with a hag. They can be pretty nasty. Well, if the hag needs to enforce a deal, they call in the Hag Shadowstalker which is the new monster available in Monster Hunts Weekly #23 from Vall Syrene, Bobby Ellis, Jackson Lewis, and Jesse Mcnamee. The Hag Shadowstalker has a Challenge Rating of 9 and can attack with its claws and even summon its own shadow to help fight foes. In addition, players can harvest materials to create cool new magical items like the Hook of Shadows which is a grappling hook triggered by a command word.

Monster Hunts Weekly presents a collection of one-shot adventures, full color maps, new creatures, magical items, plot hooks and harvest tables to quickly inject into your Dungeons and Dragons games!

You can purchase Monster Hunts Weekly #23 from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $4.95.

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