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Action Movie 2020 – ARTFUL – Best Action Movies Full Length English


Action Movie 2020 – CHANGE – Best Action Movies Full Length English

A tough, brutal and merciless arbiter of the order, Tom Chisora, nicknamed the Punisher, is waging a real war with the world of organized crime. He does not know pity and compromise and with his own hands sends the bad guys to hell or to the iron bars. His methods are dictated by revenge, and action by a thirst for justice. This time, he will clash with his main adversary, the mega-maniac – Jigsaw, who sits on the criminal throne of New York and controls an army of psychopaths and thugs. On the other hand, the FBI creates its own squad, designed to stop the heavy-duty attack of the Punisher. The war zone is defined! But this is only the beginning!


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