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Build Your DM Toolbox of Monsters and Bounties with the New MONSTER HUNTS WEEKLY Series — GeekTyrant


Vall Syrene has a perfect set of tools coming out for Dungeons & Dragons DMs. Monster Hunts Weekly will be a weekly release every Monday to give DMs a new monster with professional art, tokens, maps, a short bounty adventure, plot hooks, a harvest table, and new magical items every issue. The first issue is available now and features the Longtusk Troll for your adventuring party to face off against. These monsters are great for use as enemies, side quests, one-shots, and many more applications.

Brought to you by the design team behind 100 Monster Hunts, Legendary Hunts, and The Greasemonkey’s Handbook, these easy to navigate supplements are a perfect addition to any campaign theme!

Each issue focuses on a different creature type and are written by a host of talents from all over the DMsGuild, from adamantine best-sellers to new and upcoming authors!

You can purchase Monster Hunts Weekly #1 from DMs Guild for $4.95.

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