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10 Ways WandaVision Has Changed The MCU


Why WandaVision is so much more than a spinoff

Oh boy, that “Agnes All Along” song sure is catchy — and it totally upended a lot of fan theories, while proving plenty others and simultaneously doing both for plenty of others. It also raises a lot of possibilities for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is just my long-winded way of saying that we’re talking about how WandaVision changed the MCU in this, probably the four thousandth video you’ve watched on WandaVision today. Of course, all Marvel movies tend to have some sort of lasting effect on the universe as a whole, but the brand’s many ventures into TV Land have generally been pretty conservative in their approach to the grand scheme of things.

For the longest time it seemed like the general rule was that the movies could influence the shows — see Agents of SHIELD season one for a perfect example — but not the other way around. With WandaVision, that’s changed — not only is it creating massive change for its titular characters, but it’s also introducing new plot points and characters for the rest of the franchise. From Monica Rambeau becoming Spectrum to the creation of SWORD and the introduction of even more magic into the universe — plus those plucky youngsters who will eventually becomes Speed and Wiccan — there’s just so much change in the air!

For more upending of norms, the potential for mutants, and how this sucker sets up the New and the Young Avengers, watch the vid, true believer!

0:00 Intro
0:25 Opening Up the Multiverse
1:47 Old Franchises Become New Franchises
2:18 SWORD is the New SHIELD
2:42 Set Up the New Avengers
3:19 Set Up the Young Avengers
3:55 Mutants, Kinda
4:44 Mo’ Magic, Mo’ Problems
5:17 Changing Real History
6:16 Upended the Format
6:55 More Longform Storytelling

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