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Every Easter Egg In WandaVision So Far


Everything you missed in WandaVision so far

Five episodes in, WandaVision is just chock full of Easter eggs to the MCU, decades old sitcoms, and the original comics on which our favorite Disney+ mind bender is based. In this video we’ll take a full spoilers look at all the Easter eggs we’ve jotted down thus far — well, at least as many as will fit into fifteen minutes or so. Whether it’s that final Evan Peters cameo at the end of the latest episode or Vision’s super hip sweater, we’re taking a look at anything we can get our greedy mitts on. Some of these hover on the edge between Easter egg and little plot point but hey — it’s just fun to talk Marvel!

So, what’s the deal with SWORD? Is Monica Rambeau going to become a superhero, perhaps named after her mother’s nickname Photon? Between Bewitched and I Love Lucy, what kind of old school references are we getting in WandaVision’s wild appropriation of yesteryear’s best TV shows? All this and more!

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0:24 Episode 1
2:38 Episode 2
5:42 Episode 3
8:29 Episode 4
10:23 Episode 5

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