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“Chucky” Attacking Non-Masker On Subway Train; A Practical Joke


Several social media influencers are behind a prank that went viral on Tuesday. Commuters riding on the New York subway were subjected to watching “Chucky,” from the film Child’s Play, accosting one non-mask-wearing female rider while everyone else on board looked on in fear.

It turns out the whole thing was just a joke and Rodrigo Valencia, a filmmaker from Brooklyn, was behind it all, according to the Daily Dot.

In the video, which is posted below, you see the infamous movie monster grab on to a lady’s leg. She tries to break free, hollering for help. Another woman tries but is no match for the monster doll. Both women, one named Sara, were in on the prank said Valencia, who himself was inside the colorful Good Guys costume.

Valencia, a comedian, said the whole scene was a social experiment to see if the public would assist someone in danger.

“As expected, no one helped. Instead, they decided to record,” Valencia told the Daily Dot. Once on social media, the video gained traction with many people saying Chucky was attacking the woman because she wasn’t wearing a mask. “We chose for Sara not to wear a mask to see if that would affect people helping her out in this situation,” he adds.

The comedy group also mimicked the routine on another train and got the same reaction.

The following video contains course language:

Chucky in charge of attacking non maskers from PublicFreakout


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